jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Ange gardien / Grungy Monday no 17 & Simon Says Challenge

Cela fait longtemps que je veux faire quelques chose avec cette étampe d'un ange. Les lundis grunge de Linda m'en donne l'occasion pour l'édition no. 17. Nous devions cette semaine utiliser un produit , le "Rock Candy Crackle Paint". Il s'agit d'un médium de craquelage transparent. Il donne une patine ancienne lorsque l'on le recouvre d'encre foncée. J'ai utilisé une breloque qui elle aussi attendait patiemment son tour d'être en vedette. Un peu de peinture, des étoiles dorées, un bout de ruban teint à la main, et une belle breloque d'oiseau (partie d'un ancien bijou) suffisent à mettre cet ange dans un écrin.

I have been looking at this stamp for a long time, wanting to do something with it. Linda gave me the chance to with the 17th edition of the "Grungy Mondays". We had to use ""Rock Candy Crackle Paint". This is a transparent crackle medium. It gives a vintage patina when you go over it with dark ink. I used a sort of jewel, that was also awaiting its moment of glory. A bit of paint, golden stars, a bit of hand tinted ribbon, and bird charm (part of an old jewel) contribute to frame this beautiful angel.

Je soumet cette étiquette au défi de Simon Says de cette semaine car la consigne nous permet de présenter ce que l'on désire.

I am submitting this tag to theSimon Says challenge of this week because the theme is "Anything Goes".

Je vous souhaite une fin de semaine calme et sereine.
Have a peaceful weekend!

3 commentaires:

  1. She turned out beautifully, you found just the right colors for the stamp. It was worth the wait.

  2. Suzasnne
    This is absolutely beautiful. The technique come out perfectly. I love that stamp and your pieces compliment it perfectly!

  3. Hi Plume! Your tag is beautiful and those products all found their moment to be perfect together. I love what you've done with your background, the stamp is gorgeous and the details and embellishments so pretty. You asked about the flower I made and this one was made from very thin cheesecloth/bandage type fabric which I sprayed laundry starch on to but you have to be sparing with the starch. I've also found a millinery fabric that you can shape with your fingers which is much better and you might know it as crinoline in Canada. Have a good week and hugs to you. Chris :)